Anthony Basel and Patrick Wright from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine launched their 3rd year rotations by spending 2 months at EOPCC. It was wonderful for them to discover how much benefit our patients received from manipulative therapy, alternative medicine as well as digging in deep with traditional medicine.

Christina Lusk who just completed 4 months with us is graduating from WVSOM and has a Family Medicine residency in Long Island. More importantly she got married this past fall! (she smiles a lot!) We will miss her. Christina never hesitated to give Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy when needed.

Steve Beaudry, D.O. surprised us by finishing his first year internship with us. The last two times Steve rotated with us Steve had to shovel many feet of snow. Happily in April it only rained.

Amy Roth rotated with us in April and finished the month with her wedding! She graduated from WVSOM. Amy is going into psychiatry and says if we can wait for her, she would love to practice at EOPCC.

Jim Huang 4th year medical student from WVSOM stayed 4 weeks with us in April and the time flew. Also graduating, Jim’s compassionate caring for others will serve him well.

Sarah Herts’ rotation went by quickly, she was always at the ready for our patients needs.

Alicia Isom 3rd year medical student treated many of our patients with Osteopathic Manipulation. Our patients found themselves breathing better and walking taller.

Kavish Patidar, on completion of his rotation, left us an enthusiastic promise to return.

Brian Bill, also graduating from WVSOM next week, will be continuing in our footsteps doing an Internal Medicine Residency in Parkersburg, West Virginia. We are so proud!


Tyler Mummert rotated with us last semester and is now applying to Osteopathic Medical Schools. Tyler discovered that all sciences, even organic chemistry are integrated into direct medical care.

Martin Senese finds time to join us Monday mornings, getting to know the patients and the ways of medicine. His quiet and gentle ways provide a calmness to our patients.

Christopher Burnette, college graduate, has spent many evenings with us and has his applications in and is beginning to get interviews set up for Osteopathic Med School.

Brittany Kostiha, Mount St. Mary’s Graduate has returned and will be joining us a while on Tuesday evening. She is still committed to her medical school dream.

Amanda Sadowl is new to us, has her goal to become a Physician Assistant and is rotating with us in the mornings to get the feel of office medicine.


Lily Piechowski is a medical assistant student from Walkersville who is going back to school and finishing up her training at Frederick Community College.

Laura Shannon and Christine Woods joined us from Frederick Community College's Medical Assisting program.


"I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything you did for me over trhe summer and throughout the process. I really enjoyed my time at your practice and feel that I learned much about practicing as a primary care physician and, more importantly as a D.O.. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, taking the time to write me so many recommendation letters, and for your support. I received interviews at WVSOM, LECOM, and PCOM, and was accepted into all three!"

- Jeffrey Moyer, Student

"Thank you so much for writing me a letter of recommendation for Osteopathic Medical School. My experiences with you thus far have been truly wonderful - I learn so much each visit and I always leave excited for the future and eager for more!"

- Heather Hanley, Student

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